EruditeAI delivers free private tutoring powered by peer-to-peer learning and artificial intelligence augmentation. 

Our product Eri is the future of learning for all. 

Augmenting Collective


Our Mission:
Accessible and Personalized Tutors for Every Child

Fluent in communication and collaboration, we match learners with tutors who can target their learning needs with precision - any time, and anywhere.

Who We Are

We match students who have demonstrated their expertise on a given subject with students who are seeking help in the same topic.

Students receive the help they need, while tutors enhance their teaching abilities, both acquiring skills, and knowledge in an discussed area.  

What We Do

How Eri Helps

We give students in both developed and underserved communities on-demand access to one-on-one math tutoring using our chatbot, Eri.

Press releases

When Homework Help Meets Artificial Intelligence via Radio-Canada

Artificial intelligence (AI) to foster mutual aid in schools
via Écolé branchée

EruditeAI, Leading AI-Driven System to Augment Human Talent, Competes in $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE®

List of Suggested Answers
Eri provides tutors with some listed suggestions. This allows
an easier tutoring session, and also helps train new tutors.

Tips for Tutors

Eri gives tutors suggestions on how to better explain specific math problems.

Tutor Matching

Eri matches students with available tutors that have shown proficiency on the same subject.

Features for students

Easy Access to Eri's Help
Students can ask Eri for help anytime and anywhere, simply by typing /Eri.

Error Detection and Correction

Eri detects errors and corrects them.

Behavior Control

Eri blocks any student or tutor using inappropriate language.

Features for tutors

Participant in the IBM Watson
AI XPRIZE competition

Current Partners and Investors

Finalist in MIT SOLVE
Refugee Education challenge

Entrepreneur and
machine learning expert

 Montreal, Canada

Education Evangelist 

CEO and Co-founder

Montreal, Canada

Entrepreneur and educator

Silicon Valley, USA

Montreal, Canada

EruditeAI Team Behind Eri

CTO and Co-founder

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Director of Operations

Creative Director UX/UI

Senior Full Stack Developer

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AI Technical Lead

Montreal, Canada

AI Intern

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